The EMF Burden

What is EMF Radiation and Why is it a Dangerous Health Problem?

EMF radiation… also known as electromagnetic frequencies or EMFs. It may conjure up middle school science class memories now, but within a few decades it will be conjuring up the idea of cancer and funeral homes. Unless people choose to wake up to the threat knocking on their doors, they soon may not have the option to wake up at all.
EMFs are waves that travel through the air, and through most matter. Most people cannot see, hear or feel them. Does that mean they are safe? No, we must take an honest look at the facts. Do we look to the government for truth? No, we look to the mountain of science and 40 years of experience watching people heal when they mitigate EMFs.

Types of EMF Radiation

EMFs aren’t just found in remote government camps testing the power of chemicals and magnets. You can find them literally anywhere these days.
Higher frequency EMFs are used extensively in modern communication. Any wireless device is capable of sending and receiving information, sound, images, and video across the globe. This technology is called radio-frequency radiation or RF. That means anytime you have a phone in your pocket, your cells are being blasted with RF. If that phone is on your ear, it’s prepping your brain for a glioblastoma.
Lower frequency EMFs come from the electricity that power companies deliver to our homes. This radiation we call electric fields and magnetic fields. High electric fields are present in any home with electricity. Magnetic fields are going to be present too, but not usually a problem when things are set up correctly. They can, however, be a huge problem when:
  • Your house is too close to powerlines
  • Your wiring is not up to code
  • Randomly, some household devices will be found to have a strong field
  • Even a neighbor’s faulty wiring can cause high magnetic fields in your home
Both of electric fields and magnetic fields are just as much of a health concern as RF.
Last is dirty electricity, the unwelcome guest that comes with irresponsible manufacturing of the products we use. This takes the electric and magnetic fields up a notch making them even more confusing and distressing to our cells.

Nowhere to Run

Because this technology is everywhere now, we live with a new type of pollution–electronic pollution. Though the earth has a certain level of natural radiation, our current levels are estimated to be one quintillion times higher than they were in 1920. That’s 15 zeroes. Maybe you’ve wondered about moving to a remote place. IF you can even find a place without cell service, don’t bank on it staying that way. In addition to the cell towers popping up daily, we now have satellites blanketing us. While the problem is worse in cities, this affects every human soul now.
Maybe you’re ready to brush off the “raving EMF lunatics” and scoff your way back to a life free of worry. I ask you first to consider the science. It’s not an unfounded conspiracy theory, or a cash grab. It’s truth, all wrapped up and ready for us to open it, except that someone kidnapped Santa Claus.

The Ugly Truth

There are over 20,000 peer-reviewed research studies looking at the biological effects of EMFs. Unfortunately for us, the majority of these studies show that they are harmful. The Bioinitiative Report is one collection of this research. A group of concerned doctors and scientists compiled it over a decade ago. They wondered why wireless technology was plunging forward despite all the disturbing research. In case you don’t have time to read 1557 pages, here’s the highlights.
Our governments and industry giants tend to spurn the published research, continuing to act with very little precaution. When there is money to be made, human life falls to the bottom of the totem pole. One look at the way oil industries operate will tell you the very same. It is only recently, that some governing agencies are finally beginning to somewhat acknowledge the problem:
  • The World Health Organization classified radio-frequency radiation as a “possible carcinogen.” That puts it in the same category as car exhaust. As a reminder, radio-frequency includes wi-fi, cell phone data, bluetooth, and the cell towers, all of which are blasting us 24/7.
Despite this progress, our governments still have a long way to go in acknowledging the problem, which is not surprising. Remember asbestos, DDT, lead paint, and of course, the kicker, cigarettes?

Are We the Rats?

Why do we use rats and mice by the way? “Researchers study rats and mice because they are very similar to people genetically,” according to the Foundation for Biomedical Research (FBR). There’s definitely no shortage of studies that involve rodents and radio-frequency radiation. After exposure (very light exposure in many cases) these are some of the results found:
  • the rats take longer to complete their maze
  • reduced immune function
  • infertility, even permanent sterilization after 5 generations
  • increased free-radicals
  • DNA damage to cells
  • affected in-utero organ development
The effects of EMFs can range from annoying to deadly. A 2002 study in France gathered data from 530 people living near or not near a cell tower. They asked the participants which symptoms they experienced very often. There was a clear correlation between proximity and symptoms.
Keep in mind that this was back when 3G was in its infancy and driving to the country meant you lost service. Could we even repeat this study now? Where would we find a control group?

Study finds correlation between symptoms and proximity to cell tower

Reckless Use of EMF Technology is Claiming an Alarming Number of Victims

As cell towers pop up faster than Starbucks and 5G becomes the norm, more and more people are becoming sick. The ICD recently classified electro-hyper-sensitivity (EHS) as a legit condition. This study shows measurable changes in biomarkers when EHS people are exposed. (Can someone please update wikipedia already?)
These are people who have a reaction when exposed to “normal” current levels of EMF. The Electrosensitive Society estimates that 35% or more of the population in developed countries has mild to moderate EHS. They estimate that 1% to 5% have severe EHS, which is a debilitating condition. Even 1% is a lot of people! Because many doctors do not yet recognize EHS, and EMFs are so prevalent, many suffering people remain unaware of the cause of their symptoms. How would you know what was causing it if you never got a reprieve?

Responding to the Current Reality

This is a lot to take in, and it’s certainly not a fun truth to recognize. You may worry about your safety and the safety of those you care about and not know what to do about this colossal problem. Even if our government refuses to do something about it, people are waking up. You are not alone and not without solutions.
We are here to help you understand your exposure and learn how to protect yourself. You don’t even have to give up the benefits of technology. I am writing this on a computer, not a scroll, aren’t I? We can walk you through how to use tech safely, mitigate your home and give your cells a much needed reprieve.