Assessment services

The home assessment process

An assessment is a practical 3 hour learning experience in which you and your family will see your current exposure levels. We’ll use professional grade meters designed to assess how much radiation your body is absorbing. We will look at several types of EMFs:

Radiofrequency Radiation

Caused by cell towers, smart meters, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mobile phones, cordless phones, baby monitors, smart appliances and more

Electrical Fields

Caused by voltage in your home’s wiring which radiates 6 feet from the walls and pulses 60 times per second

Magnetic Fields

Caused by current on nearby power lines, faulty wiring in your home or even from faulty wiring in your neighbor’s home

Dirty Electricity

Erratic frequencies of electricity caused by solar panels, smart meters, battery chargers, computers, TVs, CFL bulbs, dimmer switches and more

Geopathic Stress

An excess of natural radiation from the ground, caused by water veins, fault lines, ground mixing, and Hartmann/Curry lines

What can I expect?

In a home assessment we begin with learning about the different types of radiation and how to assess them. Kids are welcome to be included. We investigate all areas of your house together, focusing on the spaces in your home you spend the most time.

The most attention will be paid to sleeping spaces, where healthy levels are the most crucial. Not only do we spend one third of our lives in bed, but more importantly, that is also when our body longs to detox, rest and restore. This doesn’t work well when your body is constantly getting stress signals all night from the surrounding EMFs, telling it to do the opposite.

We will develop a personalized action plan to restore your environment to an optimal state. We only recommend solutions proven to be effective. You’ll get a good sense of which things are worth changing, and which things are low on the priority list and have a negligible impact. You will receive ongoing support as you move forward with implementing changes to protect yourself and your family.


$280 for a full EMF home assessment including one bedroom

+ $50 for each additional bedroom assessed

Additional mileage charge of $.75 per mile for homes more than 30 miles from downtown Portland

Not in Oregon/Washington?

Check out other Geovital trained consultants around the globe, or

Contact us for a quote. We are committed to bringing EMF services to you at an accessible price.

House shopping?

Some EMFs are not fixable, know before you commit.

Got questions?

We offer free 15 minute phone consultations.

  • What’s the best consumer EMF meter?
  • How do I get rid of smart meter radiation?
  • How close is too close to power lines? A cell tower?

Ask any EMF related questions with no obligation.

Pre-Purchase Assessment

House shopping is an ideal time to look at radiation. Some EMFs can be mitigated, but some cannot. Know what you are buying.

A pre-purchase assessment is a condensed version of the full home assessment. We’ll spend 90 minutes evaluating only the types of radiation that are potential deal breakers:

  • Magnetic Fields from power lines or a neighbors wiring
  • Radio frequency radiation from cell towers
  • Electrical fields in sleeping areas

Subsequent assessments for different houses are available at a reduced rate.


$140 for the first pre-purchase assessment

$90 for subsequent pre-purchase assessments

Additional mileage charge of $.75 per mile for homes more than 30 miles from downtown Portland