Making home feel
peaceful again

The single best way to reduce your EMF burden

Mitigate your sleep space

Unlock your body's powerful healing ability by supporting your sleep environment

We spend one third of our lives sleeping and this is when our body detoxes and resets for the next day.

Creating an EMF-free sleep sanctuary is the cornerstone of our approach. We also address ways to reduce exposure during the day, supporting your body so it can support you!

Many functional medicine practioners won't even accept you as a patient anymore if you haven't created an EMF safe sanctuary. They don't want to take your money and watch you stay unwell. They also know that you might not need their help anymore if you addressed the EMF problem first.

Because this happens...A LOT.

Geovital, a naturopathic clinic in Austria, figured this out decades ago.

The doctors saw that the patients with mitigated bedrooms recovered and stayed well, and the ones that didn’t, stayed sick. Naturally, they expanded to embrace environmental medicine as part of their protocol, and now are a global leader in radiation protection.

Reclaimed Healing is proudly partnered with Geovital

Radiation protection experts with


Years of Experience

About the owner

Angela Doherty

In 2004, I first witnessed how our choices can impact our health. I saw a friend regain visual acuity from simply eating whole foods. This blew my twinkie-loving mind, and lit a fire inside me. I learned that we have immense  power over our health, and I could create the kind of life I wanted to live. I became a fierce researcher, driven to uncover the pathway of vitality for myself and my family.

I first became aware of the EMF problem in 2016 and through mitigation cured myself of chronic, debilitating migraines overnight. This fascinating experience, and a growing desire to share this knowledge with others, prompted me to train at Geovital in Austria, an international leader in EMF radiation protection.

My mission with Reclaimed Healing is to bring awareness of this well-hidden problem to as many people as possible, and guide those who desire to make changes with well-tested, effective solutions.

When I’m not talking about radiation I can be found enjoying life with my 3 daughters, doing yoga, cooking amazing food, or fixing whatever is broken around the house.

Angela Doherty EMF Radiation Consultant Portland Oregon